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ForceSabers Warranty

All ForceSabers come with a standard two month warranty, all warranties start from when the buyer receives their order.

The following will be covered under the ForceSaber Warranty:-

  1. Any fault in the battery case due to manufacture error.
  2. Any fault in the LED due to electrical or manufacture error.
  3. Any electrical fault which could be due to lose wiring in relation to battery case, switch or LED. This excludes wiring to soundcards and speakers.​

The following will not be covered under the ForceSaber Warranty:-

  1. Any damage to blades such as cracking, bending, dint's or discoloration due to prolonged exposure to strong UV light, also product being used in extreme combat or placed under extreme stresses
  2. Any damage caused to the threads for the micro-screw due to over-tightening.
  3. Any tampering to wiring to cause an electrical fault.
  4. Any tampering to the electronics to result in an electrical fault.
  5. Any intentional damage caused to the hilt or blade to create a cause for a return.
  6. Any damage to speakers or soundcards. 

All ForceSabers are continually quality checked from the start of construction up until completion. Once the ForceSaber has been completed every Forcesaber is tested on the following:-

  1. The blade is tested to ensure there are no faults.
  2. The blade locking nut is tested to ensure the thread has no failures or possible issues through continued use.
  3. The battery pack, switch and LED are tested with specific test batteries to ensure everything functions as it should do with no failures or possible issues.

Once this testing process has been completed every product is fully cleaned by wiping down the saber with white spirits, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside the postal tube. The product will be collected by Hermes and delivered by signed for delivery.




 In the event of a return ForceSabers withholds the right to complete the following if needed.

  1. We may ask for photographic proof before accepting a return.
  2. Use any resources available to investigate the cause for a return.
  3. If the return is fraudulent it will therefore be invalid if the facts have been amended to benefit the buyer and the buyer has specifically mislead ForceSabers on the grounds of the return, this can void any return under the policy.
  4. We will not accept a return based on: - "There are scratches on the handle or blade", or "there is no sound installed". We will not accept returns based on these specific points as each listing has the link:-          "For additional product information Press Here​" which covers all these aspects of our products. 
  5. We will investigate all cases, but a return based on the following might not be accepted:- “it’s not as described” or “I’ve changed my mind” or  "I'm just not happy with the product".
  6. ForceSabers UK cannot be held responsible if a buyer has not read and fully understood the information provided or made assumptions on a product without reading the information.
  7. If a buyer needs to return the product this must be due to a manufacture error / electrical fault.

All products returned must be returned in the exact same condition as received. If they are not returned in the same condition this can either void the return or result in a reduction in the possible refund.

If returned and the item has suffered extreme damage (no longer resalable) ForceSabers cannot accept this return and the buyer will have to pay for the product to be posted back as no refund will be provided in this situation.

If ForceSabers are at fault in the product and the product has to be returned within the two months warranty that ForceSabers provides the following options are available:-

In the event of a return ForceSabers will pay for the return postage up to a maximum of £11.99.  This only applies if there is a genuine manufacturing fault.

Proof of postage will need to be provided by the buyer by email ( showing the date, tracking reference and total cost paid for the return of the product.

If the buyer is based outside of the UK, ForceSabers will only provide a maximum of £11.99 towards any return postage.

Upon receiving the product if we find there is a fault ForceSabers will take full ownership of the return postage and the buyer will not have to pay to have the order sent back.

However if there is no fault found upon receiving the product the buyer will have to pay for the full postage to have the item sent back.

Once we have received and signed for the return of the product we will provide one of the following choices:-

  1. Try to fix the fault on the product. 
  2. If we are unable to fix the fault we have the option to replace the product with the same model and blade colour.
  3. Alternatively allow shop credit to the amount paid in the original purchase towards another product. If the replacement product is off greater value then the difference will have to be met by the buyer.

In the event of any and all returns we will first attempt to fix and resolve the issue.

If ForceSabers are able to fix the product it will be sent back to the buyer by ForceSabers UK with no charge for return postage. This term will apply to all sales.

In the event ForceSabers are unable to fix the technical fault on the product ForceSabers will provide a brand new replacement, this will be the same model and blade colour from the original purchase.

If the Buyer chooses not to have the same product and wishes to change to an alternative model ForceSabers are happy to accommodate this request. To do so ForceSabers will refund the full amount paid in the original purchase as “in store credit”. Once the buyer has selected the new model they desire we will process the new order. If the new order / model is off greater value than the original purchase then the buyer will have to pay the additional amount plus a 20% administration charge for the upgrade.

In store credit will only be valid for up to 30 days. Also the upgrade administration fee will be based on the full value of the model being upgraded too.

Please note any other form of return outside of the above will default to the cancellation policy.



ForceSabers UK allows every buyer to cancel their order with no penalty up to two days after payment has been made. 

When processing the refund ForceSabers will issue the refund in the same method that the original purchase was made. If the payment was completed by card transaction, the refund can take up to 14 working days.

If a buyer wishes to cancel or amended the order after the two day period it will be the right of ForceSabers UK to decide if we wish to allow this. Please Note- If ForceSabers UK do allow the buyer to cancel or amend their order after the original two day period there maybe be additional charges applied to the cancellation which will result in a refund lower than the original amount paid by the buyer. 

Any cancellation made buy the buyer or ForceSabers UK after the two days will have a standard admin fee of £20 applied to any outcome.  Depending on when an order is cancelled after the two day period Forcesabers UK withhold the right to charge up too an addition  60% as well as the admin fee.  If a buyer would like to cancel or amend an order please emailing us at

Please Note all our product fall under this section:-


Section 28(1)(b) of the CCRs ( Consumer Contracts Regulations) excludes ‘the supply of goods that are made to the consumer’s specification or are clearly personalised’ from the right to cancel. This introduces confusion for consumers and advisers, as it means that some traders may supply both goods that are excluded from the CCRs right to cancel and goods where there is a right to cancel. It is important to note that this exemption, which refers to items being made to a consumer’s specifications, only applies to:-

● goods, so a pure service contract or one with only an incidental supply of goods, such as nails or glue, e.g. installation, would not be exempt(1);

● the supply contract, so any later alterations of standard products, e.g. on site to ensure correct fitting, will not make the supply contract an exempt one

● where the supplier/seller is a trader and the other party is a consumer(2);

● contracts concluded at a distance or off-premises(3) 


Postage, Courier, Import and Tax Fees.

If an order has been placed for delivery outside of the UK, ForceSabers will only charge the buyer for the postage costs and packaging costs to ship the product to the buyer, this will be on top of the product sale amount.

If at any point the buyer is presented with any type of Import Fee, Import Tax including or any type of VAT, ForceSabers UK will not be held responsible for any payment of any amount in this regard.

​​Any purchase made by a buyer outside of the UK are fully accepting that once the payment has been made it is then their responsibility to take full ownership and pay any and all variations or additional costs or any Import Fee for their product once it has left the UK.


All orders outside the UK will be sent with Parcel Force as the designated courier. 

Due to an update in Parcel Force's terms and conditions we are no longer able to send any models with batteries installed. This relates to any model saber sold with sound effects (SFX). Due to this we will refund £7 for every sale which would have included a Li-ion battery.

This service will be a tracked service resulting in a signed for delivery.

The postage charge for the courier will cover the following:-

  1. Cost of packaging
  2. Full cover for the value of the sale excluding postage.
  3. Full courier service from collection to signed for delivery.

Postal address:-
When placing an order for delivery outside of the UK the buyer will provide a contact phone number and email address which will be provided to the courier.

Every address provided for delivery must be 100% accurate for and international delivery.

Once an order has been completed and if the product can not be dispatched or delivered due to issues with an address there will be no form of refund from ForceSabers UK. If the order can not be delivered due to issue with the address provided at purchase and the item is returned too ForceSabers UK the buyer will have to pay again for the item to be posted back to them, an admin fee of £10 will also be added to this cost. If an order can not be dispatched due to issues with the postal address ForceSabers will consider a part refund in regards to the postage paid at purchase, however there will be no refund on the product itself. We must stress the responsibility for the delivery address outside of the UK is fully the responsibility of the buyer, if the information provided is incorrect ForceSabers UK will not be held responsible. 


Terms of sale

Please note the following applies to all purchases

When receiving your delivery if there is reason to believe the product has been damaged upon receipt at point of delivery Do Not Sign for the delivery.

Once the delivery has been signed for you are confirming by contract that everything is in order and there are no issues or causes for concern with the product as the packaging is in a good state of repair. Once the delivery has been signed for we will not be able to accept a claim for damage during transit or a return based on this.

Once you have made payment for the product you are confirming the following:-

You have fully read and understood all the information provided. This includes:-

  1. SFX Info (if purchasing a saber with sound)
  2. Product Info
  3. Standard Warranty
  4. Returns Policy
  5. Cancellation Policy
  6. Postage Info

As you are confirming you have read and understood the above 6 sections you are confirming you are fully aware of what you are purchasing and have completed the purchase in sound mind and body.

When making payment the owner of the card / account legally completed the purchase and this was not done without their consent or knowledge.

Due to these 3 points we can't accept a return due to change of mind or item not as described. 

As per the returns policy we will not accept a return based on the grounds of “there are scratches on the handle” or “there is no sound installed on this” We have gone to great lengths to provide very detailed information and cannot be held responsible if a buyer has not read the information provided. 

If a return is requested and the return is found to be on the bases that a buyer hasn’t read the details on the product and information provided we are unable to accept this return.

If an order needs to be cancelled or returned as the payment was made illegally (without the permission or knowledge of the card holder or account holder) we will be unable to assist or cancel any order and this should be reported to the buyers local authorities.

Lost or Damaged:-
If any product  is reported “lost” ForceSabers UK will open a claim with the courier.

When ForceSabers UK opens a case for a lost order with the courier, we will only provide a refund once the claim has been closed and ForceSabers UK have received the full refund from the courier.

Please note ForceSabers UK will only provide a full refund for “lost” orders once ForceSabers has received the full compensation from the courier.

If any product shipped outside of the UK is reported “damaged” ForceSabers UK will only accept this update through the courier.

If the buyer contacts ForceSabers UK and advises the item has been damaged in transit we will not be able to accept this claim.

At the point the courier is delivering the product to the buyer if the buyer signs for the delivery they are signing to confirm the following:-
There are no issues with the delivery
There are no signs of damage to the packaging
Upon singing the buyer is confirming everything is in order and there is no damage to the parcel or its contents.

Once the product has been signed for with the courier this is completion of the contract between ForceSabers UK and the buyer. Once signed the buyer has confirmed everything is ok and in good order and good condition. 


Liability Policy.

 By purchasing our product the buyer will forfeit all their rights to bring any form of law suit against ForceSabers UK for any reason. Additionally the buyer will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained. If the buyer is unsure on any point they will ask for clarification when needed. ForceSabers UK must state for the legal record that our products are not intended to be used in any manner which could cause any form of physical harm to either the buyer or any third party. It is the intention of ForceSabers UK that our products are used in a non-dangerous and none violent way. Any injuries caused or received by any party after purchase are doing so solely on their own instruction and against the guidance and advice of ForceSabers UK.

Upon completion of purchase of goods this agreement releases ForceSabers UK from and all liability relating to any injuries that may occur during any and all forms of activity / display of our products, etc. The buyer will not use this item to make a physical connection with another living being. By completing payment the buyer has confirmed they have read all the provided information relating to the product and therefore this agreement, The Buyer agrees to hold ForceSabers UK entirely free from any and all liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

The buyer also acknowledges the risks involved in duelling and play fighting or using our product in an unsafe way. These include but are not limited to any form of bodily harm, injury caused or incurred from misuse of our products. Upon purchase the buyer is confirming that all risks have been made clear and they have fully read and understood everything outlined as part of the contract of purchase. Additionally, the buyer will not have any conditions that will increase the likelihood of experiencing injuries while using our products.are signing to confirm the following:-
There are no issues with the delivery
There are no signs of damage to the packaging
Upon singing the buyer is confirming everything is in order and there is no damage to the parcel or its contents.

Once the product has been signed for with the courier this is completion of the contract between ForceSabers UK and the buyer. Once signed the buyer has confirmed everything is ok and in good order and good condition.